Decoupage with Handmade Paper

Templetree invited Bangalore-based crafter, Sonal Shah to write all about her decoupage project...

I’m Sonal Shah... I've lived in Bangalore since the last 17 years. Basically, I'm a homemaker but, at the same time a very passionate artist and a crafter. My forte is glass painting but off late I am into Decoupage and Mixed Media too. I have a fetish for beautiful designed and textured papers & I was delighted to discover the fabulous collection of handmade paper at Templetree. When I saw the Christmas paper at the Templetree store, I was inspired to use them to make Christmas candle stands. Hope you will try these out too!

I do conduct workshops for Decoupage and Mixed Media.
I’m reachable on +91 9880401656. You can have a look at my work on:

Decoupage Candle Stands 

1. Take a set of 3 of wooden candle stands. Sand the rough edges here and there with sand paper.

2. Select the paper of your choice for Decoupage. It can be a Decoupage tissue, pattern paper or a Decoupage paper. Here, I have used a beautiful Christmas themed handmade paper sheet from Templetree. I was simply in love with this paper at first sight and very happy about the quality of paper too.

3. Plan the layout. Which side you want the paper and paint. You can combine the paint with a bit of stamping and stenciling. For this project I decided to stick this beautiful paper on two consecutive sides and other two sides, I decided to paint and do some stenciling.

4. First measure the sides properly and cut the paper accordingly. I adhered the paper using Modge Podge. After I had stuck the paper, I sanded the extra paper hanging out with sand paper. (Tip: cut a little extra paper than the actual size needed). After that, I again sealed the paper with Modge Podge.

5. For the other two sides, I primed it with Gesso (base primer). Than after it dried, I painted it white and did some stenciling (diamond design) with red acrylic paint. Dry it well. Then, I painted the top part with red acrylic paint and did dry brushing with golden paint. All this to go with the Christmas theme.

6. Last stage was to apply varnish on the project. Here I used Asian paints Aquadur PU Varnish. This is water based paint and dries very quickly.

To add a little bit of more Christmasy touch, I added a jute twine along with small golden bells. Voila, the beautiful candle stands were ready!